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Enola Low Grade Rail Trail

Manor Township | Conestoga Township | Martic Township | Providence Township Quarryville Borough | Providence Township | Eden Township | Bart Township


The Enola Low Grade is a 29 mile rail trail (the longest in the county) that crosses the southern portion of Lancaster County. This trail follows an abandoned right-of-way of the old Atglen and Susquehanna Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The trail itself is extremely flat with on a 1% slope, making it ideal for biking, walking and jogging. I don't consider this sort of trail hiking, but it is pleasant if you want to get outside for a little bit of exercise.

The trail runs through several townships and each manages its own section, so trail conditions may vary among them.

With the recent completion of the Safe Harbor & Martic Forge Trestle Bridges, this once disjoined trail is finally connected.


Distance: 29 miles point to point

Terrain: crushed gravel | coarse stone

Difficulty: Rare\Medium Rare

Activities: walking | jogging | bike riding | cross country skiing | leashed dogs


Turkey Hill Trailhead

2501 River Road | Manor Township

This portion of the trail, built by the Manor Township Public Works Department, is the only section entirely along the Susquehanna River. There are beautiful views of the Susquehanna as you walk along the cliffs and several runs cut across the trail as they empty into the river. At the end of this section you will come to the Safe Harbor Dam and the newly constructed Safe Harbor Trestle Bridge. Just before you cross the trestle bridge there is a pavilion with picnic tables and informational panels about the history of the dam and construction of the bridge.

The 12 foot wide trail contains four inches of special trail mix creating an ideal surface for walkers, joggers and bicyclists. There is ample parking with handicap accessibility, park benches, portable restrooms and picnic shelters with tables. Near the trailhead there is a restored 1947 Norfolk Southern Caboose.

Parking: Large paved lot

Rest Rooms: port-o-potty at Turkey Hill Trial head and just before the trestle bridge

Connected Trails: Turkey Hill Overlook Trail


Safe Harbor Access

Powerhouse Rd. | Conestoga Township

This is the fastest route to access the Safe Harbor Trestle Bridge. There is a small parking lot just before you reach the gates to Safe Harbor Hydroelectric Dam. The path is steep and there are stairs for a portion of the trail. This route gives a great vantage point to see underneath this historic trestle.

Parking: small gravel lot

Rest Rooms: port-o-potty on other side of trestle bridge



Colemanville Church Trailhead

167 Colemanville Church Road | Conestoga Township

This once disjoined section of the trail runs along the Susquehanna River and then turns east into the countryside. Some sections are shaded along the way, but depending on the time of day that you visit, you may be exposed to the full sun. This portion of the trail has a connection spur to Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve. You will cross over the tunnel that takes you to Shenks Ferry. Just before Safe Harbor you will pass a section that is a popular rock climbing area. Here you will find a port-o-potty compliments of South Central Pennsylvania Climbers.

Parking: mid-size lot

Rest Rooms: port-o-potty located near mile 6


PA 324 Trailhead

Marticville Rd. & Red Hill Rd. | Martic Township

Just after you cross over the Martic Forge Trestle Bridge you will be required to cross Marticville Rd. in order to access this trailhead. This section of the trail has crushed gravel that makes it ideal for walking, jogging and bike riding. The trail is wooded on either side but the trail itself is exposed to the sun, so come prepared.

Parking: Large gravel lot

Rest Rooms: No


Connected Trails: Trout Run Nature Preserve


Sigman Road Trailhead

36 Sigman Road | Providence Township

This is a nice trail head with a bench and a bike repair kit. The trail immediately crosses a bridge over the road and

a stream. The parking lot also connects to a trail spur for Trout Run Nature Preserve.

Parking: medium size gravel lot

Rest Rooms: No

Connected Trails: Trout Run Nature Preserve


Fairview Road Trailhead

520 Fairview Road | Providence Township

After crossing over Fairview Road, this section of the trail is paved. There is a bike repair station as well as a bench. You will soon cross over a bridge with views of the Quarryville Farmland.

Parking: large gravel lot

Rest Rooms: No


East State Street Trailhead

301 E. State Street | Quarryville Borough

This section of the trail cuts through the countryside along Amish farmland.

Parking: large gravel lot

Rest Rooms: No


Bushong Road Trailhead

112 Bushong Road | Eden Township

This is a great section for a pit stop. There is a pavilion with picnic tables, a port-o-potty and a spicket with running water.

Parking: large gravel lot

Rest Rooms: Port-o-potty Website:


Lamparter Road Access

67 Lamparter Road | Bart Township

This is considered an access point simply because the trail crosses the road. There is no place to park, even a shoulder on the road is non-existent.

Parking: none

Rest Rooms: No


PA 896 Access

1344 Georgetown Rd. | Bart Township

The small lot leading to this trailhead is to the left of the Green Tree Hardware parking lot. In order to access the trail you will need to walk across a field and then down to the trail. The trail quickly deteriorates east of here, turning into unimproved ballast with a sharp, rocky path suited only to hikers and the most dedicated of mountain bikers.

Parking: small gravel lot

Rest Rooms: No


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