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about us

I'm Kristin and that's Dutch. I was born and raised in Lancaster, PA. I went to culinary school in upstate New York, escaped to San Diego for a bit, and even spent a summer working at an Alaskan fishing lodge. But Lancaster is a part of me, and my time away has made me appreciate it even more.

I've always loved hiking and no matter where I am, I find a trail.  I enjoy traveling and exploring new places and cultures. I'm a beekeeper and I love photography. All of the photos on this website are my own -  except for this one :)

Dutch and I often hike solo, but occasionally I can convince my 12 year old son and my husband to come along too. Although, they do complain when I lag behind taking pictures. 

Dutch is a 6 year old mini golden doodle. He gets really excited when I get out my little red backpack because that means we are going hiking. He enjoys marking his territory, sniffing EVERYTHING and barking at things that aren't there. He's a great little hiking partner and a good snuggler when we're done. 

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