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hiking etiquette

Basic Rules

  • Uphill hikers have the right of way

  • Hikers should yield to bikers and horses

  • When taking a break, move off the trail


Leave No Trace

  • Pack in Pack out- dispose of waste properly (including banana peels and the like)

  • Leave what you find- take a picture instead

  • Pick up any litter you might find


Respect other Hikers

  • Keep conversations quiet

  • Do Not talk on your cell phone

  • Use headphones, not speakers

  • Say hello or acknowledge other hikers


Keep Dogs Leashed and Under Control

  • Clean up after your dog

  • Remember water for them too


Respect the Environment and the Wildlife (you’re in their home)

  • Don’t disturb the environment or be destructive

  • Stay on the trail

  • Don’t feed the wildlife-nonnative food is not good for wild animals

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