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before you hike

Familiarize yourself with the hike

  • Print a map

  • Save a map on your phone

  • Research distance and time


Choose the right trail for your fitness level

  • Start on easier trails and work your way up

  • Stretch


Check the weather

  • Choose a day with good weather and a cooler temperature

  • Bring a jacket or rain gear


Dress Appropriately

  • Light colored clothes

  • Breathable fabrics

  • Long pants

  • Layers

  • Appropriate hiking shoes and socks; think traction, support and protection (no flip flops or sandals- even tennis shoes are slippery on wet surfaces)

  • Water shoes (Crocs are terrible water shoes)

  • Orange vest or clothing; in PA hunters are required to wear 250 sq. inches of daylight florescent orange on their head, chest and back combined, you should too

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