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after you hike

Continue to Hydrate

  • Keep drinking water or maybe a sports drink in order to replenish what you may have lost on the hike



  • You may not think that you worked your muscles that much, but you did more than you think. Stretch your entire body.


Tick Check

Pennsylvania’s Lyme disease cases are among the highest in the country, being proactive with ticks is very important

  • Check your entire body for ticks-remember that nymphs can be as small as a poppy seed

  • Shower ASAP after your hike- this is a great time for a tick check and it also will wash off any ticks that have not attached themselves to you yet

  • Wash and dry all clothes immediately- or just dry your clothes for 10-15 minutes, the high heat will kill them

  • Remember to check your dog too

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