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Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve

696 Greenhill Rd | Conestoga Township


Shenks Ferry, which is part of the Lancaster Conservancy, is a beautiful hike through the woods. In the spring over 100 varieties of wildflowers can be found, and the embankments along the trail are alive with color. There is a lot of history at Shenks Ferry, tunnels and stone abutments from the railroad still remain. If you go down one of the side trails on the other side of the stream there is a marker indicating the site of a dynamite factory explosion in 1906. It's a bit surreal thinking about what was once here and how nature has taken it all back.

To pick up the trail, go down the gated roadway to the left of the parking lot. The trail is an easy one that runs parallel to Grubb Run. The stream itself is lovely, with little cascades throughout. The trial ends where the stream passes through a tunnel. This is an especially fun spot for kids. You can actually feel the temperature drop when you go down the embankment to the tunnel. Sometimes it's even foggy by the tunnels entrance. If you plan on going through the tunnel, be sure to bring a flashlight and water shoes. At this point you can turn around and take then trail back to the start or, if you brought your water shoes, you can walk down Grubb Run.


Distance: 1.7 miles out and back trail

Time: 30 min-1 hr

Terrain: dirt | wooded | water | rocks

Difficulty: medium rare

Activities: hiking | walking | jogging | creek stomping | leashed dogs

Parking: large lot

Restrooms: port-o-potty during wildflower season


Directions: 222S/N Prince St. Right onto 324 S.

Straight onto New Danville Pike

Continue onto Main St.

Slight Left onto River Corner Rd.

Left onto River Rd. Straight onto River Hill Rd.

Right onto Greenhill Rd. Preserve entrance is at end of road on the Right

This road is very rutted, so take it slowly. After you drive through the tunnel there is some parking on the left, keep driving, there is more parking closer to the trail


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