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Chestnut Grove Natural Area

37 Chestnut Grove Rd. | Conestoga Township


This beautiful reclaimed natural area was established by the Lancaster Solid Waste Management Authority in 2015. There are 170 acres of wetlands, grasslands, wildflower meadows, forests and ponds. It features 13 trails that meander all throughout the property. The last mile of the Turkey Hill Trail is in the park and it leads you to the Star Rock Overlook. The overlook features amazing views of the Susquehanna River and is especially picturesque in the fall.

I recommend visiting the area throughout the year. Since everything is left natural, every season brings new scenery. Wildlife is abundant, over 200 species of birds have been sighted. There are interpretive panels and a wetland boardwalk so you can learn and experience nature. There are also many benches around the property so you can sit and enjoy nature.


Distance: 4.3 miles of trails

Terrain: grass | gravel | dirt

Difficulty: rare to medium

Activities: hiking | walking | jogging | leashed dogs | horseback riding | birding

Parking: large parking lot

Restroom: port-o-potty


Chestnut Grove Trail | 1.7 miles

Medium Rare | 35 min-1 hour This is the longest trail in the park. It circles around the grassland and wildflower meadows.

Turkey Hill Trail | 1.1 miles

Medium | 20-40 min

This is the last portion of the Turkey Hill Trail that begins further down River Rd. The trail goes along the far end of the property and then out to Star Rock Overlook.

Turkey Hill Spur | .13 miles

Medium Rare | 5-10 min

This trail takes you down a down a steep grass lined hill.

Chestnut Grove Trail Spur | .13 miles

Rare | 5-10 min

Succession Trail | .18 miles

Rare | 5-10 min

This Trail connects to the Chestnut Grove and Turkey Hill Trails. It takes you by the smaller pond on the property.

Succession Trail Spur | .03 miles

Rare | 5 min

Trailer Parking Loop | .27 miles

Rare | 8-12 min This trail connects the equestrian parking lot to the Chestnut Grove Trail.

Wetland Trail | .38 miles

Rare | 10-15 min

This trail takes you on a boardwalk over the wetlands and out to an overlook view the large pond.

Wetland Trail Spur | .06 miles

Rare | 3-7 min

Meadow Trail | .17 miles

Rare | 5-10 min This trail is a short walk through a wildflower meadow.

Fisherman Run Trail Spur | .10 miles

Rare | 5-10 min

This trail takes you back to the Turkey Hill Trail after going down the Turkey Hill Spur. It takes you past a small pond.

Chestnut Grove/ Wetland Trail Connector | .05 miles

Rare | 2-4 min

Chestnut Grove Trail Connector | .16 miles

Rare | 5-10 min



From Lancaster city go south on N. Prince St/PA 222 S

Right onto PA 324 S/New Danville Pike

Right onto Long Lane

Keep left onto Conestoga Blvd.

Right at bridge onto River Rd.

Left onto Chestnut Grove. Rd.

Parking lots are on the right, the equestrian parking lot is first followed by the main parking lot a little further down the road


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Turkey Hill Trail


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