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Turkey Hill Overlook Trail

2501 River Road | Manor Township


This scenic hike takes you through the woods as it cuts along a ridge that overlooks the Susquehanna River. The trail can be narrow and rather steep at times, but the view of the river as you climb the hill is worth it. At the top there is a breathtaking panoramic view and an up close look at the windmills sitting on the bluff. You have several options for this trail, allowing you to modify it to you liking. Pawpaw trees can be found throughout the trail, bearing fruit in the fall.

This trail is maintained by the Lancaster Conservancy and the Susquehanna Riverlands. The parking lot for this trail is shared with the Enola Low Grade Trail. The trail head is at the beginning of the parking lot on the left hand side.


Distance: 3.7 miles point to point Time: 1 ½- 2 3/4 hours Terrain: dirt | rocks | grass | gravel Difficulty: medium to medium well

Activities: hiking | trail running | creek stomping | leashed dogs

Trail Marker: Blue

Parking: large lot

Restrooms: port-o-potties


Overlook | 1.7 miles out and back

Medium | 40 min- 1 1/4 hr

This is the first section of the trail. It is narrow and can be steep. As you ascend the ridge you are able to the view of the river through the trees. There are two spots where you cross small runs. The water is never very high, but it can get muddy. When you've reached to top of the ridge go left towards the windmills to the Turkey Point Observation Deck. Return the same way you came up.

Turkey Hill Trail | 3.7 miles point to point

Medium Well | 1 ½- 2 3/4 hours

To continue on the Turkey Hill Trail go right at the top of the ridge along the fence, away from the windmills. The trail then dips back into the woods and follows the ridge along the river. When you come out of the woods and enter a utility clearing, the trail turns right. At this point there is an option to take the Pawpaw Loop Trail. This trail takes you through the woods for .45 miles and will meet up with the main trail at a later point. If you follow the main trail there are several lookout points along the way.

You will meet up with the Pawpaw Loop Trail after you cross Mann's Run. You may end up with wet feet if the water is high, but there are lots of rocks to hop across. You will then see a large sign that points you up a hill to Chestnut Grove Natural Area. There will be another sign when you enter Chestnut Grove, go left at this sign. The trail then goes right and then straight; follow the blue markers. There are also signs for the Turkey Hill Trial every half mile.

The trail winds around until you come to a pond. Go right at the pond and follow the sign for Star Rock Overlook.

You will come to another Chestnut Grove sign on the right that will lead you down to the Enola Low Grade Trail. If you continue straight it will take you to Star Rock Overlook, which I recommend, it's beautiful. To get back go the same way you came or take the side trail to Enola Low Grade.

Turkey Hill Trail Loop | 6.2 mile loop

Medium Well | 2- 4 hours

After you've seen the overlook come back down and take the trail to Enola Low Grade and go right. The flat, gravel trail is a 2 1/2 mile walk and will take you back to the parking lot. It also offers another view of Mann's Run as it runs into the Susquehanna and an a restored 1947 caboose.



From Lancaster take PA-999 W/ Manor Ave. until it becomes Blue Rock Rd.

Left onto River Rd. for 1.2 miles

Parking lot entrance is on the Right and is shared with the Enola Low Grade Trail

Trail head is at the beginning of the Parking Lot


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Unknown member
Jul 23, 2022

If doing the loop, I highly recommend reversing it and doing the rail trail portion first!

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