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Rannels Kettle Run Nature Preserve

Pumping Station Road | Elizabeth Township


Rennels Kettle is the perfect hike if you are looking for a bit of a physical challenge (not the Double Dare kind). A large portion of the trail is either going up or down a steep incline. This completely wooded hike is part of the Lancaster Conservancy and the parking lot is the northern starting point for the Conestoga Trail. To access the trail you need to follow the Horseshoe Trail, which you also use to complete the loop.


Distance: 2.08 mile Semi-Loop

Time: 40 min-1 hr 10 min

Terrain: dirt | wooded

Trail Markers: Blue/ Yellow

Difficulty: Medium to Medium Well

Activities: hiking | jogging | leashed dogs

Parking: large lot

Restrooms: No


The trail begins across the street from the parking lot, there is a red post indicting the beginning of the trail. This portion of the trail is the Horseshoe trail. It's uphill and rocky.

You will come to a sign for Rannels Kettle (blue markers). You can go left into the preserve or continue straight on the Horseshoe Trail. You will be circling back to this spot either way that you go.

If you go left you will eventually hit a split in the trail. Going straight will dead end at the property line. Going right will take you uphill and around the loop.

After going around the loop you will come to a second Rennels Kettle sign. This is where you will meet up with the Horseshoe Trail (yellow markers). Follow this back down to the beginning of the trail.



From Lancaster, follow PA 501 north though Lititz to Brickerville

Turn Left on US 322 Turn Left on Speedwell Forge Rd.

Turn Right on Pumping Station Road, parking area on the left


Nearby Hikes: Horseshoe Trail (yellow) Conestoga Trail (orange)


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