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Money Rocks County Park

936 Narvon Road | Salisbury Township


Money Rocks is one of those hikes that continues to amaze as you go further along. The highlight of the park is a rocky spine of boulders called Money Rocks, so-named because farmers in the Pequea Valley allegedly hid cash among the rocks because they were worried that invading Confederate soldiers might grab it. These farmers hid their money so well, so goes the legend, that they could not find it when they returned. So who knows, there may be treasure waiting for you.

The boulders are amazing and as you continue along the different vantages offers new amazing views. It's especially beautiful in the fall when the foliage begins to change.

This park offers 3 different trails and also has several trails that connect to Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve. The trails can be quite rocky and the rocks are loose, so be sure to watch your footing.


Distance: 5 plus miles of trails Terrain: dirt | rocks | water | wooded

Difficulty: medium to medium well

Activities: hiking | trail running | biking | leashed dogs | horseback riding

Restrooms: No

Parking: Large Lot



Overlook Trail | .61 mile semi-loop | white blaze Medium Well | 12-25 minutes

This is the one trail that you absolutely must do when visiting this park. It's a short trail but it can be quite steep when climbing to the top of the boulders to get to the overlook. The overlook is not the kind of overlook that you might expect, it overlooks the amazing boulders that make up Money Rocks. There is moss and lichen throughout the trail giving everything a picturesque look.

The trail starts on the right side of the parking lot and takes you along a ridge just above a clay mine before it turns and has you climbing to the top of the rocks. The trail follows along the ledge and then back down completing the loop. The trail is rocky and there are lots of exposed roots along the way.

When the trail turns up toward the rocks there is a sur that continues straight. This trail goes on for .42 miles and will connect with the bottom portion of the Cockscomb Trail.

Cockscomb Trail | 2.66 mile semi-loop | red blaze

Medium (Medium Well in spots) | 50 min-1 1/2 hours

This trail is named for the other outcropping of rocks that are found along it. They are set back off of the trail and can be difficult to see when there is a lot of foliage.

The majority of this trail is quite level, albeit rocky. Then out of no where it becomes extremely steep and very rocky. This occurs on either end of the loop. The turn down on the far end of the loop has a lot of loose rocks and the other, that cuts into the brush has a lot of mid sized moss covered boulders.

The trail intersects with the Green Connector Trail that is part of Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve. To follow the Cockscomb Trail go right, following the red blazes. The Green Connector Trail is straight and is marked with 3 green dots.

Ironhorse Trail | 1.33 miles loop | blue blaze

Medium | 25- 50 minutes

This trail is similar to the Cockscomb Trail, but shorter and not as steep on the ends of the loop. To access the trail there are 2 connector trails off of the lower portion of the Cockscomb trail. The connector trails are .07 miles long.

Green Connector Trail | 1.1 mile point to point

Medium Rare | 20-40 minutes

This trail starts off of the Cockscomb Trail and ends in Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve. You will enter Welsh Mountain .3 miles into the trail. The trail is level and meanders through the woods as it pass over the blue trail. The trail ends when you intersect with the blue trail a second time.

Orange Connector Trail | .6 mile point to point

Medium Well | 12-24 minutes

This trail starts after you go down the crazy steep hill on the Cockscomb Trail. The trail starts off to the left and goes up a pretty steep hill. You will almost immediately enter into the Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve. The trial will cross over the blue trail and then meander through the woods before ending where it meets the blue trail again.



From Lancaster City go East on New Holland Pike

The road will become PA-23/New Holland Pike

Bear right onto US-322 W / Division Hwy

Right onto Narvon Rd

Parking lot is on the Right


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