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Pequea Silver Mine Park

99 Silver Mine Rd. | Pequea Township


Silver Mine Park is a perfect spot for the whole family. The 151 acre park is split into 2 sections that are divided by Silver Mine Road. The south side is a blend of nature and recreation offering a paved bike path, hiking trails, ball fields, a playground and a catch and release pond. The north side is more rustic with hiking trials, a catch and release pond and the original silver mine shaft and kiln. The entire park has a large variety of trees, flowers and vegetation which has created an environment for many species of waterfowl and birds.

The majority of the trails in the park are not too difficult and are not too long. For those interested in the history of the park, a geology guide and self guided tour are available on the Pequea Township Website.


Distance : approx 6 miles of trails

Terrain: dirt | grass | paved | gravel | wooded

Difficulty: rare to medium

Activities: hiking | jogging | biking | creek stomping | fishing | leashed dogs

Parking: several mid-size and large parking lots

Restrooms: port-o-potties


Bike Trail | 2.4 miles semi-loop

Rare | 1- 1 ½ hr

This paved trail is located in the south side of the park. It's perfect for kids who are riding bikes or scooters. It is also good for people that are looking for even terrain to walk on. There are a few hills, but they are not too difficult.

Red Trail | .88 mile loop

Rare/ Medium | 15- 30 min

Half of this loop is part of the paved bike trail. The other half takes you up an embankment and through the tree line along the sports fields. There are also two side trails as well that take you through the woods.

Boy Scout Trail (Blue Trail) | .5 mile point to point

Medium Well | 15-20 min

This trail takes you down an embankment and along the Pequea Creek. It is very narrow and can be very steep in spots. It is usually closed during the winter months for safety reasons.

Geology Trail | .27 mile loop

Medium | 10-20 min

This trail takes you onto the ridge above the mine shaft entrance and the kiln. There are several gopher holes and a man made cave that you can climb through. It then loops around to the gravel walkway so you can get a better look at the kiln. It's a great trail for kids who like a little adventure.

Pond Trail | .4 mile loop

Rare | 15-20 min

This serene trail takes you around the pond on the north side of the park. It can get muddy, but there are wood boardwalks to help navigate the muddier sections. There is also a bridge that takes you over the stream that feeds the pond.

Poplar Grove Trail | .5 mile point to point

Medium Rare | 15-20 min

This trail starts with a steep incline then takes you around a field before you turn into the woods. This short trail then takes you to the road across the street from the fourth parking area.

White Tail Deer Trail | 1 mile loop

Medium Rare | 20-30 min

This easy trail meanders through the woods taking you past an open field and farmland. It's fairly level and is a nice wide path.



From Lancaster city go south on N. Prince St/PA 222 S

Right onto PA 324 S/New Danville Pike

Left onto PA 324 S/ 741 E

At Cherry Hill Orchard go straight to continue on PA 324 S

Take PA 324 S for 3.1 miles

Right onto Silver Mine Rd.

First Parking lot, on the left, gives access to bike trail on south side of park

Second parking lot, on the right, gives access to north side of park

Third parking lot, on left, gives access to ball fields, playground and pavilion

Forth parking lot, on left, gives access to opposite end of bike trail


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