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Farmingdale Trail

Noel Dorwart Park (408 Parklawn Ct.) | East Hempfield Township


These are great trails if you're just looking to get outside for a walk. I call trails like this “hiking light”. The trail is actually several trails inside of Noel Dorwart Park that is nestled along part of the Little Conestoga Creek. All of the trails offer a very pleasant and scenic route. If you are into bird watching the park also has a very nice wetland area with boardwalks, as well as wildflower meadows and a young forest. The park is teaming with wildlife and if you are able to block out the sounds of civilization, it's really a calming place.

Farmingdale Trail is dog friendly and offers an unfenced dog park. The trails are all level making it great for bike riding and even strollers. The park is well maintained by the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority and has ample parking.

Additional trails have recently been added to the north of the park. A footbridge has been added to cross the Little Conestoga Creek and a paved trail connects to the apartment complex on the back of the property.


Distance: 4.85 miles of trails Terrain: grass | crushed stone | asphalt | boardwalk | wooded Difficulty: rare

Activities : hiking | walking | jogging | bike riding | leashed dogs

Trail Marker: orange | blue | green | yellow | pink

Parking: large lot

Restrooms: port-o-potty



Wetlands Trail | rare | .6 mile | 12-18 min | orange

This trail loops around the wetlands and crosses over two bridges. It features tall grass and plenty of wildlife.

Woods Trail | rare | 1 mile | 20-30 min | yellow

This trail crosses over Farmingdale Rd in two different spots and meanders through a young forest. It loops around taking you on part of the wetlands trail.

Creek Trail | rare | 1.3 miles | 25-40 min | blue

This trail is an extension of the woods trail, taking you on a larger loop through the woods.

Trestle Spur | rare | .1 mile | 2-3 min | green

This short trail dead ends at Little Conestoga Creek to a train track trestle that is still in use.

Natural Trail | rare | .75 miles | | pink

This trail has two loops, one the takes you through the woods and one that takes you through an open meadow. The meadow trail is just a mowed path in an open field.

The Crossings at Conestoga Creek Trails | rare | 1.1 miles

There are 2 paved trails after you cross the footbridge that is off of the Creek Trail. The trail to the left is a half mile loop. The trail to the right is a little over a half mile and takes you past ruins of old kilns dating from the 19th and early 20th centuries, a stone farmhouse that is currently being restored and drainage ponds that attract a variety of water fowl and other wildlife. The trail ends at Harrisburg Pike across from Long's Park.



Take US- 30 W to Harrisburg Pike exit

Bear right onto Harrisburg Pike

Left onto Good Dr.

Noel Dowart Park is on the Left


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