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Susquehannock State Park

1880 Park Dr. | Drumore Township


This park has so much to offer. It's the perfect place to spend the day with the whole family. The park is located on a wooded plateau that overlooks the Susquehanna River. There are spectacular overlooks, open fields, mature forests and 11 trails that vary in difficulty and showcase flowers, trees and wildlife. There is also remnants of homesteads and a state record holding beech tree.

The 224 acre park is named for the Susquehannock people who at one time lived in the area. There are 4 overlooks that are part of the park. Hawk Point and Wisslers Run are located within the main park area. Urey Overlook, which is located across the river at Otter Creek Nature Preserve along the Mason Dixon Trail, and the Pinnacle Overlook, located north of the main park, are both considered part of Susquehannock State Park.


Distance: 5.6 miles of trails

Terrain: dirt | rocks | water | wooded

Activities: hiking | walking | trail running | horseback riding | leashed dogs | picnicking

Parking: large lot

Restrooms: yes



Chimney Trail | .35 miles

Medium | 10-15 min

This wooded trail is great for birding and viewing wildflowers in the spring

Fire Trail | .33 miles

Medium Rare | 10-15 min

This short logging road features a stand of poplar trees

5 Points Trail | .7 miles

Medium Well | 15-30 min

This is a very steep trail is surrounded with rhododendrons and view of creek valleys

Holly Trail | .5 miles

Medium Rare | 10-20 min

This level trails features native holly and Christmas fern

Landis Trail | .6 miles

Medium | 10-20 min

In late April or early May there is a stand of Virginia Bluebells that bloom on this trail

Nature Trail | .3 miles

Medium Rare | 5-10 min

This short trails offers mature hardwood trees, ferns and wildflowers

Overlook Trail | .55 miles

Medium Rare | 10-20 min

This trail will take you to Hawk Point and Wissler Run and offers spectacular views of the Susquehanna River

Pine Tree Trail | .31 miles

Medium Well | 10-20 min

This steep and rocky trail winds its way down to Wissler Run

Pipeline Trail | .24 miles

Rare | 5-10 min

This trail is an old abandoned pipeline right of way that crosses the park

Rhododendron Trail | 1.2 miles

Medium Well | 30-60 min

This steep and rocky trail runs along Wisslers Run. In late June or early July the wild rhododendron are in bloom. Along this trail you can find remnants of the homestead of Thomas Neel and a very impressive beech tree. Pay attention to the trail blazes, the trail makes some sharp turns and it can be easy to miss.

Spring Trail | .4 miles

Medium Rare | 10-20 min

This is a lovely little trail that meanders through the forest. You can find paw paw trees and their banana like fruits along this trail.



Take US-222 S / PA-272 / N Prince St towards Willow Street

Continue going straight onto PA-272 / Willow Street Pike S

Bear right onto PA-372 / Holtwood Rd

Turn left onto Susquehannock Dr.

Keep right to stay on Susquehannock Dr then

Keep left to stay on Susquehannock Dr


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1 opmerking

Onbekend lid
20 sep. 2022

This is a beautiful park. Since I was there on a Tues afternoon, I only saw 4 other people (3 at an overlook). I combined several trails (Rhododendron-Fire-Overlook-Landis-Chimney) making a counter-clockwise perimeter. If you prefer going up steep inclines vs going down them, I think I chose correctly - the ratings posted here are spot on. It was probably 3.5mi and took about 1hr 15mins hiking time (my GPS app quit for part of it - YMMV). There's plenty too see along the way. The park has good restrooms/facilities also. It was super enjoyable; highly recommended.

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